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The Selfie Room is an interactive photography room
providing you the tools to create fun and electrifying photos

The Selfie Room is an entirely new photography experience. You control the camera, you control the scene, you control everything!

The Selfie Room provides you and your friends with a professional photography studio without the expensive photographer. You and your friends become the photographer as you pick from a variety of backdrops and props, and create the ultimate selfie! Using advance photography equipment, you and your friends can take high quality photos of yourselves with a touch of a button using a remote.

Our room can accommodate up to 10 people at a time. No more squeezing into a small little booth! Our large selection of costumes and props allows you to set the scene for artistic shots or create interesting fun crazy pictures.

Selfies are no longer for only close up low resolution pictures. With the Selfie Room, you can take family portraits, artist photography, wedding photos, and wacky selfies! With a little imagination, anything is possible!


How it works

A simple process to give you a fun time and photos to share or keep private.

We want to simplify this process for you. Book online, or call us at 604-285-6558.

To keep all the wonderful pictures, please bring a USB stick. If you do forget, no worries, as we do have USB sticks for sale.

Come to session. Instructions will be provided for:
1. Professional camera (just click)
2. The props
3. The different backdrops.

When you are done, we will load all your images onto the USB stick. Then you can share and admire those beautiful photos.

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The Selfie Room? What is it?

We are the first of its kind photo studio in Vancouver. Mixing the element of selfie, professional photography and style. The Selfie Room offers an unique experience for everyone!

Will The Selfie Room change their existing backdrops?

YES, definitely! The Selfie Room’s ultimate goal is to provide a diverse selection of choices for our customers. Not only will we introduce new backdrops, we will have seasonal decorations depending on the time of the year.

Can we book through the phone?

Yes, we do have staff to answer to phone booking. However, since our available time slots are presented on our website, we highly encourage customers to book online so they can match their own time schedule.

Do we have to pay right after we booked a slot?

No, customers pay when they arrive at our facility.

Can we cancel or change the time after we booked?

Yes. Changes can be made two hours prior to booking time and cancellation must be made a day in advance.

Can we bring our pets?

Yes. Pets are welcome and each one will be counted as one participant. However, owners are responsible for cleaning up after their beloved pets.

How do we get the photos?

You are encouraged to bring along your own USB drive to collect your photos. If you forget, you may purchase one from The Selfie Room at a minimal cost.

How long is each session?

The duration of each booking is 50 minutes. But please try to arrive 5-10 minutes before the booking time to allow for explanation of rules and guidelines.

“The Selfie Room is super fun. It provides an
environment to capture those magical moments.”


2 People
$46per session
  • $23 per person
3 People
$60per session
  • $20 per person
4 People
$76per session
  • $19 per person
5 People
$90per session
  • $18 per person
6 People
$102per session
  • $17 per person
7 People
$112per session
  • $16 per person
8+ People
$120per session
  • $15 per person
Book a selfie session
Miscellaneous Items
$6USB Stick

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#160 – 8351 Alexandra Road Richmond BC, Canada


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